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Why Choose Korean Beauty Products

Recently, Korean beauty products have gained its popularity not just in Asia but all over the world. Lots of people have been wondering if it’s just good marketing or it has something to do with the products itself. I have tried Korean products myself but aside from that, let’s dig deeper as to why people choose these products from Korea and why others should too.

natural fruit face masksCost – Compared with other products, Korean makeup, and skin care items are a lot way more affordable than others. It is quite easier for you to try lots of products, whichever you want to experiment on. Through trying things out, you will find the one the suits you best.

Ingredients – Most of the products contain ingredients that are natural and gentle to your skin. They are very much concerned with skin care, so instead of using effective but harmful chemicals, they formulate something from our surroundings which have been used for long years ago. These formulas have been proven to work well as it has been passed on to them through tradition and culture.

Holistic – Korean products are not just meant to make you look good but also feel good. It works beautifully from the inside and out like their recommendations in skin care for acne prone people. They do not want to just look radiant and glowing through an overnight intense fix but through constant and habitual care. It is important that your skin will not just “look” healthy, but it should be really healthy!

holistic skin routine leads to clearer skinStep by step – Koreans are very patient and detailed when it comes to beauty routines. Most of us would prefer a product that gives everything we need in one go because we’re all in such a hurry and we do not like taking our time. With Korean products, each item is specified for a single purpose. If you’ve seen a video of a Korean makeup tutorial, you’d be amazed at how many products they use and how much time it takes, but it still looks clean and straightforward, almost as if there is no makeup at all. Instead of putting on different layers of foundation and contouring creams, they make sure to do the cleansing, moisturizing, protective creams, and then the concealer and foundation. They do each step without skipping anything because it plays great importance in their routine.

Extensive – It won’t matter even if you use 15 products every day because it won’t give you any adverse effects at all. Korean products are mild and anyone, even those who have sensitive skin, can use it as extensively as they want it to.

Fun – Let’s end this with the heaviest reason why we should choose Korean products; fun. It all starts with the packaging. Most of these products come in various colors that are attractive and vibrant to your eyes. Some people would even call it “childish” for looking so cute, but this is what Korea is about. Lots of things are made out of charm, and sometimes, it’s just too difficult to say no to something so cute! Of course, we’re not just going to talk about the packaging because the process of using these products can be fun too. Have you ever heard of white head and black heads mask remover?

You start off by basically putting it on your face, leave it dry for a few minutes, then start pulling it off. You will slowly see the heads from your skin getting pulled out by the mask, and it’s just so entertaining watching it all go! It gives off a sense of relief, and the fun starts as you try to figure out how it works.

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