Mistakes Adult Students Make When Learning the Violin

If you are not naturally gifted as a musical genius, then it can be a struggle to learn a musical instrument. If you are a beginner learner, you will realize that studying music is not a walk in the park. You have to work hard to learn the ropes, and you may have to spend a good deal of time every day to study.

Adults can effectively learn the violinFrom all the musical instruments, violin maintains the reputation as one of the hardest instruments to study. Many students devote years to be good at it. Especially for those who do not have any background in playing string instruments, learning the violin proves to be a challenge. You do not only have to learn the chords, but also strumming, the use of the bow, and proper timing. Unlike with, say, guitar, violin combines different techniques for you to be able to play it. It is no surprise, then, why many beginners give up after a few weeks of practice.

Many learners get envious of child prodigies who do not have to devote years of practice to master the violin. Especially for adult learners, many take it the wrong way when they see children who play better than they do. However, we all know there is no point in comparing. Every person has a unique way of learning, so if some are better at the violin, others are better at something else. If you want to get to the master level, you must be willing to invest time and energy into perfecting the craft. Even these child prodigies need their practice, too, and many don’t know of the effort these children put into mastering their skills.

These days, there is an increasing number of adults who are learning the violin. It may be because of social media where people had a better glimpse of the life of talented musicians. It provides an excellent motivation, though, with more people now exploring their talents and creative sides.

Adult violin learners have an advantage over young students. For one, they have the motivation and discipline to learn, as well as the patience to keep on trying if they fail. They also get to manage their time better compared to young learners.

Although adults have an advantage, they also commit mistakes when learning the violin. Here are some of the most common mistakes adult students make when studying the violin:

Focus and determination could help you become a violin virtuoso1. Adults take age as an excuse to be mediocre

Many adult learners take age as an excuse to be mediocre. They always compare themselves with young students, saying the latter get to absorb information better. If they cannot understand lessons on the violin in New York City, they make an excuse, saying that their memory isn’t as sharp anymore.

If adult students continue to make excuses, it is not going to help them with their violin learning journey. Instead of facing the problems head-on, they find a way to blame their age. Adult learners should stop doing this so they can improve their violin techniques.

2. Adults are not focused enough

Because adult learners have to juggle work (and for others, family) along with violin practice, many are not focused enough on their learning journey. They get to miss classes, fail to practice at home, or would put violin class as last priority. They do not hesitate to reschedule their violin class when work gets in the way.

This lack of focus puts on hold the improvement of many adult learners. Instead of improving, they stall and fail to get past their comfort zones.

While adult learners have lots of advantages when it comes to studying the violin, they also commit mistakes that do not help in any way with their study. Avoid these, so you get the most of your training.