A Romantic NYC Itinerary for Couples

Our romantic lives may not be exactly something that we always prioritize, but this does not entirely mean that we no longer take care of it. When we got busy and focused on the things that we have to do, still, it is impossible to forget about taking our partners into a good break and bringing them into a romantic adventure. Having breakfast and dinner together is something sweet and momentous already, but there’s just more that you can do that it beyond what you usually enjoy. If both of you are fond of traveling, then a quick vacay sounds about perfect.

I hope you’re not having a hard time thinking about where to go, though – because there are a lot of places that you can visit but surely New York is one that you would not regret. Aside from being the city where everything is available anytime because it never sleeps, it is also a city of great diversity. Whether you want something historic, something romantic, or just anything spontaneous- this place has got it for you. Here are some of the things you can enjoy together and some of the places that you should visit for a romantic travel date!

pink cherry blossoms in Brooklyn Botanic GardenBrooklyn Botanic Garden – April would be the best time of the year to visit this beautiful place where you get to see cherry blossoms glowing. During this springtime, the garden turns into a magical fairy tale venue because of the sweet petals above each tree and as they fall off flying down the ground. It’s like being in a set of a romantic movie, and you’d surely enjoy it. Of course, you can still visit the garden even if it’s not spring. It is, indeed, the perfect season to visit the place during that time but otherwise does not make it any less romantic. The 52-acre garden will surely have a spot for you.

Empire State Building – Who knew skyscrapers could be romantic? This iconic building offers you such great view during day time and night time. When the skies are clear, you can see such great distance, and when it gets dark, the city lights are just as lovely. Although it could get crowded, I’m certain that it’s worth it. At the 86th floor during Thursdays to Saturdays, a resident saxophonist is serenading from 10:00 pm up to 1:00 am. Isn’t that just perfect?

Central Park – It’s quite impossible to miss this because Central Park brings you more than just one spot for a romantic date and visit. If you’d like to take your time and there is no need to hurry or rush, enjoying a bike in the park with sounds very intimate. If you want to pick a specific place, the Loeb Boathouse is ideal. Renting a rowboat and cruising the lake sounds a lot like a scene in a novel. After that, you can also enjoy a meal nearby and dine while looking over the glimmering water.

tandem bike around Central ParkThe High Line – This unique linear park extends up to 1.45 miles, and it is an elevated rail trail and greenway, located at west side of Manhattan. It’s not just the contemporary landscape that you’d enjoy but also the fact that it is a public park, open to everyone. Just a few walks and you get access to restaurants, wine bars, and on Tuesdays- you can join in star gazing with the help of the Amateur Astronomers Association. They set up telescopes and give explanations of what’s happening up there.

The Brooklyn Bridge – If you’re looking forward to getting to know your date, even more, this spectacular and iconic structure is the right place. Seeing the skyline that glitters with lights from the views of New York Harbor and Manhattan is magical. It is a true eye candy especially for those who are in for a sweet treat.

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