Get to the Point!

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Bemus Point is a beautiful village on the shore of Lake Chautauqua, across the lake from the world famous Chautauqua Institution.

What can you do in Bemus Point? You can relax from the hustle and bustle of city life and return to a simpler lifestyle. Bemus Point reminds you of your childhood, the relaxing summer days spent sitting under a tree counting clouds, without a care in the world.

Bemus Point also holds many wonders for you to discover. Bemus Point features many exciting shops and artists’ corners, where you can find the perfect gift and be the envy of your friends.

Bemus Point will not leave you hungry. We have many wonderful restaurants serving delicious food, from burgers to seafood, and more, you are sure to find something to rave about to your friends back home.

Make this summer something to talk about. Come to Bemus Point and bring home an arm-full of memories. Your friends will be jealous!

Come sit by the lakefront and enjoy the warm summer breezes.  Hear music on the floating stage.  Shop at one or all of our unique stores.  You can enjoy all this and more at Bemus Point, your summer getaway!

Why Some Types of Patents are not worth Applying For

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All patents do not offer the same investor protections, learn how to navigate these shark-infested waters with a seasoned patent-pro.

When an innovator invents, the first thing that comes to mind is to patent that invention, right? Maybe not. There are some types of inventions that do not need the protection of a patent, and there are some times of patents that are not worth the money needed to complete the patent application process. Navigating the patent filing minefield can be costly. Discover which category your new invention might fall under, in order to conserve your hard-earned money.Why Some Types of Patents are not worth Applying For

You Have a New Baby

When you are responsible for inventing a new device, methodology, or formula, you feel somewhat like a new parent that has just coaxed a new life form into the world. In a sense, you have, except that now you have the responsibility of parenthood. Ok, so go get a patent right? Maybe wrong. Never just go find a lawyer to simply satisfy your inventor’s ego, in order to have that special piece of paper that says you are an officially certified innovator. Be brutally truthful with yourself. Do nothing for ego’s sake. It could be very costly.

What Patents are Worthless

A good patent attorney will probably argue with me that there are some patents that are worthless. After all, that’s how they make their money. Any patent to them is better than no patent. In truth, design patents, and formulation type patents are basically useless. A design patent is issued for just what it says; the ornamental or overall design of a device, period. These can be easily broken by anyone. Simply change the design features a bit and the original design patent is not violated. Sometimes even a utility patent is written “to tight” and is not broad enough to give needed protection. Make sure the attorney is very qualified. A patent will normally be written in a very broad scope to try to cover multiple areas of possible imitation.


Patents for Formulas

These type of patents are also questionable as to their worthiness. Just as the design patent can be easily violated, so can the patented formula. Once the patent is issued, everyone has access to the formula and with rare exception, can duplicate it by simply changing a non-functional portion of it. Think of it as a recipe. A recipe can be easily changed slightly by adding or deleting a no key ingredient. That’s what can happen with a method-type patent. These types of innovations may be best served as closely guarded “trade secrets” instead of exposing the ingredients to the world through the patent process.

This Patent Advice Has Exceptions

Like any normal rule of operation, there can be exceptions. If you consider carefully the cost and decide that in selling the device, formula, recipe, or methodology, that any patent, no matter if it isn’t even necessary, maybe a selling asset, then, by all means, go for it. If your potential buyer might be influenced in a more lucrative fashion, simply because he is dealing with a registered patent design or process number then perhaps this piece of official paper can be used as leverage. If it appears to be more conducive to negotiating, therefore making it more valuable, then it is worth the paper it is printed on. That is for you to decide. In any event, be aware that these types of patents can be easily violated. To protect your product and save money on the patent search and filing process, read on.

Why Some Types of Patents are not worth Applying For


Skydiving Weather: Good or Bad? How to Tell?

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Adrenalin junkies and adventurers often go for skydiving. The thrill of jumping out of a plane and dropping down before landing softly by pulling out the parachute is exciting. You may be a first-timer or someone who enjoys skydiving; the safety of this activity depends a lot on the weather.

Weather conditions may be confusing for a lot of skydivers and winds, rain or clouds can put a damper on your skydiving experience. Below we look at the elements of weather and which conditions are the best for skydiving.


WIndy days should not be skydiving daysWinds can be beneficial as well as problematic for a skydiver. If the wind blows too hard or forcefully on the ground, it causes parachutes to go backward or causes turbulence on the space right above the ground. Strong winds can re-inflate parachutes after landing and can cause skydivers and the instructors to fall off tumbling and be dragged as they are strapped to the parachute.

Good winds help a person to go farther and execute perfect landings. But unpredictable and fast winds on the ground or in the air can lead to unsafe landing conditions. For example, with the right kind of wind, a person can glide across the surface of a water body and then land on the ground. In turbulence, he wouldn’t be able to attempt such an act.


Clouds in the sky are the natural blinders of the sun. They also affect visibility as you need to see the ground from above before you jump. A thick cloud cover may not allow you to get a good view of the ground below or the landing area. Clear blue skies are needed to have the target landing in sight before you can leave the plane.

A GPS can bring you close to the landing point, but you will know the accuracy for sure if you can see it. Not landing in a drop zone, could lead to you being dropped amongst trees, power lines or on parking lots, any of which can be dangerous.


As a skydiver, you would probably want the temperature to be tank-top. “Lapse rate” is a natural phenomenon due to which it is very cold at a high altitude than at the ground. There may be a difference of at least 30 degrees in temperature between the two areas.

If the ground has a temperature of 80 degrees, it is cold in the sky, but if it is 50 degrees on the ground, it is much much colder up there. If it is raining plus it is super cold, then the weather conditions in the sky are less tenable. It is better to wait for the rain to pass. Moreover, raindrops at that altitude will add weight to the parachute and negatively affect your skydiving experience.


A light breeze that is lined up with the landing will be beneficial. A skydiver has to be able to control the direction and descent rate of the parachute. Jumping out of the plane isn’t the hard part but getting the descent right is more important. High winds affect a safe landing. If the wind is blowing across a landing area, it can push the persons who are landing, off the course.

Ground fog

Ground fog is one of the reasons that affect safety in getting you to the ground. It also impacts the visibility of the landing area. It may not look thick if you are standing on the ground, but there might be trouble in getting a clear line of view from ten thousand feet above the ground. A skydive can be canceled because of ground fog.

Cloud ceiling

If the ground is clear check the skies for clouds. If they are right above you, as in don’t feel too far off the ground, then they can prevent you from jumping. Low and thick clouds above ground can cause visibility problems and hence skydiving is not advised under such conditions.


If the sky is cloudy, but the clouds are high off, and you can still skydive, then rain can put a damper on your plans. Skydiving in the rain can be very painful. It will be cold and wet, but raindrops hitting your body while skydiving will feel like pushpins hitting your body at high speeds.

How to choose the date for skydiving?

After understanding how weather plays a crucial role while skydiving, the next question is how to know when the weather is most suitable. Determining weather conditions involves inputs from instructors, pilots, on-site tools and weather reports. Most skydiving institutes have experienced personnel who can make the call for you if the weather is good or not and also help you in buying used skydiving gear for your next dive.

Proper skydiving gearClothing for a cold day

If you are skydiving on a very warm day, then you don’t have to worry much about clothing. But if it is colder, then consider layering. That way you will get insulation, and you can remove layers if it gets warmer. Choose thermal clothing, that is, those with properties to keep the body warm. Protect your hands with gloves and wear proper closed shoes.

Beware of thunderstorms

Thunderstorms can create dangerous weather conditions in any area they hit. They are even more dangerous for skydivers. Not only do they bring rain and lighting, but they are also accompanied by erratic wind flows at high speeds. If there are warnings in the area for thunderstorms, skip the skydiving session for the day.

A Romantic NYC Itinerary for Couples

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Our romantic lives may not be exactly something that we always prioritize, but this does not entirely mean that we no longer take care of it. When we got busy and focused on the things that we have to do, still, it is impossible to forget about taking our partners into a good break and bringing them into a romantic adventure. Having breakfast and dinner together is something sweet and momentous already, but there’s just more that you can do that it beyond what you usually enjoy. If both of you are fond of traveling, then a quick vacay sounds about perfect.

I hope you’re not having a hard time thinking about where to go, though – because there are a lot of places that you can visit but surely New York is one that you would not regret. Aside from being the city where everything is available anytime because it never sleeps, it is also a city of great diversity. Whether you want something historic, something romantic, or just anything spontaneous- this place has got it for you. Here are some of the things you can enjoy together and some of the places that you should visit for a romantic travel date!

pink cherry blossoms in Brooklyn Botanic GardenBrooklyn Botanic Garden – April would be the best time of the year to visit this beautiful place where you get to see cherry blossoms glowing. During this springtime, the garden turns into a magical fairy tale venue because of the sweet petals above each tree and as they fall off flying down the ground. It’s like being in a set of a romantic movie, and you’d surely enjoy it. Of course, you can still visit the garden even if it’s not spring. It is, indeed, the perfect season to visit the place during that time but otherwise does not make it any less romantic. The 52-acre garden will surely have a spot for you.

Empire State Building – Who knew skyscrapers could be romantic? This iconic building offers you such great view during day time and night time. When the skies are clear, you can see such great distance, and when it gets dark, the city lights are just as lovely. Although it could get crowded, I’m certain that it’s worth it. At the 86th floor during Thursdays to Saturdays, a resident saxophonist is serenading from 10:00 pm up to 1:00 am. Isn’t that just perfect?

Central Park – It’s quite impossible to miss this because Central Park brings you more than just one spot for a romantic date and visit. If you’d like to take your time and there is no need to hurry or rush, enjoying a bike in the park with sounds very intimate. If you want to pick a specific place, the Loeb Boathouse is ideal. Renting a rowboat and cruising the lake sounds a lot like a scene in a novel. After that, you can also enjoy a meal nearby and dine while looking over the glimmering water.

tandem bike around Central ParkThe High Line – This unique linear park extends up to 1.45 miles, and it is an elevated rail trail and greenway, located at west side of Manhattan. It’s not just the contemporary landscape that you’d enjoy but also the fact that it is a public park, open to everyone. Just a few walks and you get access to restaurants, wine bars, and on Tuesdays- you can join in star gazing with the help of the Amateur Astronomers Association. They set up telescopes and give explanations of what’s happening up there.

The Brooklyn Bridge – If you’re looking forward to getting to know your date, even more, this spectacular and iconic structure is the right place. Seeing the skyline that glitters with lights from the views of New York Harbor and Manhattan is magical. It is a true eye candy especially for those who are in for a sweet treat.

How Can Method Acting Help in Your Auditions

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Method acting is generally used as an acting technique by the actors these days. Method acting is more of a preference for all the actors as it talks about adding in emotion to light up the spark in an actor rather than just reading out and imitating the lines. The next thing about method acting is that it helps in running the business of acting. It brings in the practicality in the drama business. So, all the budding actors who need to climb up the ladder of success, method acting is the go-to option.

When as an actor you present yourself for a part, first you need to go through screening or an and it ion. Audition is considered the toughest auditioned the crucial part of auditioned actors’ performance. It evaluates them on the basis of their skills. Method acting comes in really handy in this sense. Think about this situation, wherein a few seconds of the demonstration of your skills can detect the graph of your career. So, it is utterly important to give in the best in the acting world and present yourself in an appropriate manner.

Auditions & the Method Acting Skill

Acclaimed performance of Robert De Niro in Taxi DriverMost of the actors think that when they need to present a role they have to prepare for it and then get into the character. For instance, consider the case of great actor Robert De Niro. When he was onto doing a film, and the role of a taxi driver came his way, he actually learned everything regarding the character of a taxi driver.

The personality, talks, approach, dressing and every tiny bit of the detail. So, there is this paraphernalia regarding method acting, that it requires an amount of time for the preparation of the role, and then only an actor can present themselves as a pro in the method acting technique.

But the twisted meaning to this entire phenomenon is that method acting is more about experiencing the moments that have happened in your life. It is about setting up your ground base on the stories and emotions that have already occurred in your life and then presenting your performance.

For instance, if there is a tragic character that needs to be brought to life, then the actor needs to evaluate their tragic life stories and present his performance. It is all about feeling the character and sensing their emotions.

When an actor is presenting his skills on the basis of method acting principle, then the actor needs to base it on three basic elements that are extremely necessary for there. Read through the entire article to unfold the basic elements of method acting that are utterly important. 

Personal Touch

Often during auditions there comes a time, where you won’t be given a chance to prepare yourself for the character. It will be a kind of an improper performance, wherein you won’t have the time to narrate the story to your co-star, build up a background story or evaluate the skills of the character a properly get fixed into the character.

So, emotions are needed in such performances. If you will be giving out the hardcore performances and want to be good at it, it is better to give out emotions and base your performance on those emotions. When an actor recalls the past story and presents the character by those emotions, the performance of the actor seems way too authentic and real. They are able to show up real emotions and work through it. 


All the actors who really want to excel in the industry, the key for outstanding performance is practice. If you are practicing method acting, then you must do it again and again so that you can excel at it.

The most important message that is often passed on by the acting teachers to their student is to practice any creative activity on a stage but in a private setting, all by themselves. This way they will be able to come out in front of the audience in a better way and give out an alluring performance.

Once you start practicing more and more in private, you will be able to face the audience on stage and give the performance without a nervousness. You will be ready to face your fears bad build up confidence in front of them. For more precision and learning, discover the authentic techniques created by Lee Strasberg Acting School that are also offered by various renowned acting schools all across the country.

Comprehend Yourself

Staying focused infront of the cameraWhen you are trying your hands at method acting it is important to get in complete touch with your consciousness. You need to be able to comprehend yourself amazingly so that you can actually portray those emotions in front of the audience. You will be able to have a connection with them in a better way.

So whenever you are giving auditions, it is important to rely on your personal experiences to give an amazing performance from method acting principle. For this purpose, if you are acquainted with yourself in a well-off way, then you will be able to recall the memories that you want to connect with your performance. Then you need to first practice them in a relaxed environment so that you can recall them easily when you are out there in front of millions of people.

In a nutshell, it is really important to get accustomed to the idea of method acting and get to know yourself in action better way. Self-acknowledgment, practice and the personalization is the key to a performance that will make the audience love you.

The only thing you need to keep in your head is your capabilities and your limits. What you can do and what you are capable of. If you push yourself too hard, you might just fall into a puddle of disappointment because of recurring rejections. This will be a downfall for your career and will surely bring your confidence level down. So, don’t try too hard, do what you can and know your limits. So, give method acting a little try and success in your career limits. You will be able to unfold yourself in and magical world of success.

How to Get Started On a Gluten-Free Diet

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Going gluten-free may seem really overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. All you need is some basic information on what it is, its benefits and how to easily sustain such a lifestyle.

What is gluten?

Gluten is the generic name of proteins found in rye, wheat, and barley.

It is also found in the different varieties of wheat and also products that contain the above as ingredients.

Why go gluten-free?

There are many reasons why one would consider starting on a gluten-free diet.



This is an autoimmune disorder that can occur in genetically predisposed people where the ingestion of gluten leads to damage in the small intestine.

In this situation, exposure to the smallest amount of gluten may result in illness with outward symptoms or may cause internal damage to your body with long-term health effects.

Gluten-free bread in the supermarketPeople with this condition are advised to request food be cooked without any contact with gluten products. This means that the food should be prepared on a clean surface, thoroughly cleaned utensils, and separate oil.


  • Non-celiac gluten sensitivity


This is a condition that mimics symptoms associated with celiac disease but causes no damage to the small intestine.

In this situation, cross-contamination is not a major concern since the amount of gluten required to cause any symptoms differs from one person to the other.


  • Wheat allergy


People with this allergies tend to have rashes, trouble breathing, vomiting or diarrhea.

They are advised to take extra precautions while eating out to avoid any chances of cross-contamination.


  • Overall health improvement


The benefits of going gluten free are enormous. This will lead to a number of people making it a personal preference to live such a lifestyle.

Having a gluten-free diet may lead to energy boost, improved gut health and increased intake of fruits and vegetable which many people often don’t pay much attention to.

Here, many people may not be as strict and some may even not last on the diet but it all depends on your personal goals and your intentions for the diet change.

Other reasons that may steer one towards a gluten-free diet may include; weight loss, inflammatory conditions or autism.

Foods that are naturally gluten-free

There are foods that do not contain gluten and are not processed

  1. All grains except wheat, barley, and rye are naturally gluten-free
  • Sorghum
  • Buckwheat
  • Quinoa
  • Rice
  • Corn
  • Amaranth etc.
  1. All flours made from gluten-free grains
  • Almond flour
  • Amaranth flour
  • Rice flour
  • Cassava flour etc.
  1. Fruits and vegetables
  2. Meat and poultry
  3. Dairy
  4. Fish and Seafood
  5. Beans, legumes, and nuts

Steps to take to ensure you stick to a gluten-free diet


  • Start by cleaning out your kitchen pantry


Make it a priority to spend a few hours of your day going through all the food products you have and get rid of all the gluten products you had stocked up on.

This may be wheat or products with any of the gluten grains as an ingredient.

Also, go through your utensils and see what you can replace e.g a toaster since it may have some of the breadcrumbs that you need to avoid.


  • Stock up on gluten-free packaged products


Purchase products that are labeled “certified gluten-free” or have been made in a dedicated gluten-free facility. This will ensure you avoid any risks of cross-contamination.

If you come across any products that are not labeled take time to go through the ingredients to identify any gluten food that may have been used.


  • Buy some fresh produce and meats


This is by far the best and easiest way to ensure you stick to a gluten-free diet.

Vegetables, fruits, and meat do not contain any gluten this will make it less challenging or overwhelming.

You could pair these vegetables with a packaged product that is labeled gluten free and have a nice meal.


  • Pay attention to labels and ingredients


Check the food labelPackaged products should be labeled

  • Certified

This means that it has the gluten-free certification and is good for the consumer.

  • Labels

These products should bear a gluten-free label that is regulated by the FDA making it safe for consumption

  • Ingredients

If any products are not certified or labeled gluten-free you should go through the ingredients and avoid those with wheat, barley, rye or malt.


  • Eating out and ordering in


Once you are living the gluten-free lifestyle it should basically apply wherever you are.

When you are out in a restaurant just make a request for them to prepare you a gluten-free meal. This, however, applies in a situation where you are not that concerned about cross-contamination.

There are also those days when you just can’t be bothered to cook or prepare anything. This is a good time to order a delivery of gluten-free meals to make sure you do not indulge in things that don’t meet your goal.


  • Maintain a balanced diet


Make it a point to always eat a balanced meal. Going gluten-free does not mean neglecting a balanced diet, it should be a priority.

Moreover, having a balanced diet will ensure you gain all the health benefits associated with going gluten-free.

Being a beginner on this journey may mean you will make a few mistakes and that is okay. It is a learning experience and you should avoid beating yourself up if you don’t get everything right. You may get a few symptoms since your body will be primed to react to any little gluten you may consume.

Maintaining a gluten-free diet will require self-discipline to help avoid all those cravings. It is understandable that your body is not used to such a lifestyle and it will definitely want to retaliate. So keep your meals ready to avoid snacking on gluten products.


A Local’s Guide to Central Park

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Central Park is one of the prime examples of the power of television and film to create an image in our minds, and just how wrong those images can be! Even at its worst, in the ’60’s and 70’s, the park never approached the level of danger that much of the media seems to relish in fostering.

An aerial shot of Central ParkToday, after a quarter of a century of hard work and millions of dollars spent, the park is in its finest condition ever, providing more opportunity for people, of all areas of interest, to find something of enjoyment within.

Created as a fine landscape to enrich the mind and soul – as well as local real estate investors and city tax rolls – the park has become the most cherished place of respite and recreation for millions of people annually.

Although its designers, Fredrick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, might be initially ‘taken aback’ at the changes in the park throughout its 150 years if given the time to digest how those changes have accommodated the changes in society, they’d have to pleased with how their creation has matured.

Something as uncontroversial as playgrounds today was not to be found in the original design, and indeed did not appear in the park until well into the 20th century. And if you visit the park, you’ll notice that while there are many places for little ones to slide, swing and climb, all of the playgrounds are around the periphery of the park, in effect saying, “Well, alright then, have you play areas, but don’t let them intrude too far into my landscaped stroll!” Just another brilliant example of accommodation.

It is perhaps as impossible to have just one favorite place in the park, as it would be to have only one favorite thing to eat. In either case, so much depends on your mood and state of mind. If you’d like a quiet little hideaway (after that tour group passes through!), then go up to the Conservatory Gardens. Enter through the relocated entrance gate of an old Vanderbilt mansion at 5 Avenue and 105 streets. Before you, the sculptural beauty of the Italian Garden – stunning in the spring with its wisteria and crabapple trees in bloom, but a favorite for bridal photos throughout the year.

Walk to your right, and you’re in the North or French Garden, dripping with thousands of tulips for far too short a time in spring and with its finely sculpted boxwood hedges year round. Whatever you do, do not leave with walking to the left, the South or English Garden, drenched in flowering trees in spring and the most colorful part.

Pointers in Building Your Business Website

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Having your own website is not a walk in a park. It requires skills and consistency because it takes time and effort to maintain. There are lots of benefits in having your website, as an individual and for businesses alike. Aside from using it as a form of marketing, it’s also good for having an accessible online system too, but not everyone seems to realize this. If you’re ever planning on building a website or you’re thinking about redesigning one that you already have, then you have to learn the basics first. See and read through this list of tips that we’ve gathered in order to create the best and the perfect design of your website.

Interface – It all starts with the interface. Technically, this is the system that helps the visitors of your website to navigate the platform freely. It should be designed in a way that it doesn’t complicate things for the user. Being able to easily see where to go, what to click, and what to do in order to target SEO for Personal Trainers that your prospective customers and viewers will appreciate, in case you have a gym around New York. What would be your first reaction if you happen to come across a blog that doesn’t show the buttons that lead you to different categories? Or if you have to go through various levels of searching the articles that you want to read instead of just being able to search it in the bar? I bet you’d be so annoyed or even be so pissed off that you’d leave the site in an instant. Take that perspective in and let that be a basis of what form of interface would be ideal and convenient for anyone.

putting your plan on paper saves you time in web designProfessionalism – Have you ever received a formal letter that used a “Curlz MT” font? Something with glitters and unicorn drawings? I’m quite sure that the answer is yes — unless it came from a child’s entertainment company or any company that needs to be cute-cute! If you really want to gain viewers and customers, then you must show them that you should be taken seriously. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun and inviting anymore, but you have to ensure that you know the difference and the fine line between polished and tacky.

Simplicity – Less is more. The minimalistic approach is becoming more and more effective because a lot of people are over doing everything these days. There is certainly nothing wrong with being creative but adding up too much makes things look unattractive. Just like in fashion, you have to wear the right accessories. A simple pearl necklace will compliment your black dress, and there is no need for you to wear five more necklaces. Even if your branding is all about flamboyance, that itself, needs to be done well and correctly.

happy customers mean good businessCohesiveness – This is what keeps things intact. If your website is all about beauty products, then putting up a photo background of a car won’t make any sense. Even the color can be very confusing. If you’re going to pick a theme, it should at least coordinate well together as it refers to the brand of your company or yourself. Among all other key points to remember, this one is what serves as a conclusion. It is the first thing that the people will notice visually, so it matters that much. But then, this is what puts the pieces of the puzzle together. It is how the audience will get an idea about who or what company owns the website, and what are they about. Giving them the right impression that would leave a mark in their thoughts is what would most likely make them visit your website again.

Benefits of Personal Training for Golfers

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If you think to be better at golf is all about doing driving range and fairway practices, it is a big mistake. There is a whole lot of training involved once you get off the course, and many amateurs and professional players serious about upping their game usually follow a strict physical training program. And because golf is an individual game, every training program must be unique.

Exercise is needed in golf despit being low impact sportGroup classes don’t work for golfers because some players need to work on their legs, while others need to strengthen their arms and abs. Training must be focused, and so, personal coaching is crucial for golfers.

Although there is a wealth of training programs available for golfers, there are general guidelines to follow to find success in off-course training. Remember, to improve you cannot just use any program you can grab from the internet. You cannot use any other athlete’s program to fit your own because you have different fitness levels and goals. It is still your best option to hire a personal coach if you want to get a high quality of training.

Here are the general training guidelines for amateur and professional golfers when off the golf course and driving range:

1. Focus on increasing strength

Golf is an endurance, strength, and mental sport. It is a tough sport to play and to find improvement in. On the course, you get to practice your endurance and mental capabilities. However, when off-course, you have to give your body the opportunity to increase your strength. It is crucial for golfers to have strong legs, thighs, butt, arms, abs, and back for stability and distance with their shots; therefore, training that is focused on these key areas is crucial.

The best way to train is to focus on one area for each day of training, according to a trusted Personal trainer Dallas, TX. So, for example, Monday is for the upper body, Wednesday is for the lower body, and Friday is purely for abs. Research also tells us that quality is crucial when it comes to strength training, so focus on getting the most on each repetition that you do. Don’t do a repeat just for you to finish the set. Stop if you need to, but don’t sacrifice on quality. For your every push and pull, you must feel the strain of your muscle. It must feel uncomfortable (but not painful, because that’s terrible form that can lead to injury, for sure) for it means you are increasing the capacity of your muscles.

Focus more on strength and enduranceIt is also essential that you get one day of rest between strength exercises because this rest day allows your muscles to recover. Recovery is crucial so your muscles can repair and build themselves.

2. Don’t do too much high-intensity cardio exercises

Golf is an endurance sport in itself, so when out of the course, you must focus on increasing that endurance while not burning yourself out. If you do too much high-intensity exercises, you will end up using up all your reserves, and you will not have the energy to finish strong as you do driving range and fairway practices. If high-intensity cardio exercises work for marathoners and bodybuilders, they, unfortunately, don’t work for golfers.

Instead of doing these CrossFit-style of exercises, do slow burn activities instead, like easy running, swimming, and biking. These activities will increase your fitness while giving you the opportunity to relax and have the energy to go on the course. Each fairway play takes at least four hours, and high-intensity exercises won’t help you in any way to have the strength and endurance to finish the game.

It is best to get a professional trainer to guide you through your program when off the course because he/she can give you the best advice and can spot you for mistakes. You must only consider doing it yourself when you’ve gained good foundations for your training. A good foundation would mean doing the sport for at least five years and doing the training properly and scientifically.

The Science of Cupping and Why You Should Try It

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“Cupping” has been popular as a form of alternative medicine. However, only little is known if it really works and how does it help the human body. As commonly seen in athletes, they seem to enjoy getting this kind of therapy before the competition. Circular marks and bruises are left all over their body, and if you never heard of cupping, you’d probably wonder if they got suctioned by vast and giant octopuses.

traditional glass cups applied on the patients backCupping, like acupuncture, has been a part of the traditional Chinese medicine for years, and there are certain reasons as to why. Here are some of the things that specifically explains how cupping works and why you should start trying it now and schedule an acupuncture session — if you haven’t tried it for yourself yet.

Treatment – This form of therapy is widely used all over the world as it is believed and known to treat various health problems such as musculoskeletal pain, hypertension, headaches, respiratory conditions, skin problems, infections, and even infertility. In the early 1900’s, it was recommended by Dr. William Osler, a founder of the John Hopkins Hospital, that cupping is ideal for treating acute myelitis and bronchopneumonia.
Blood flow – One of the most popular benefits of cupping is the improvement of the blood circulation. The skin becomes rich in blood supply. Have you ever wondered why cupping left those visible marks? These bruises are evident because of the dilated capillaries which have then ruptured. It is somewhat similar to having a blood clot. It has been found that this results into rich blood supply.
The British Cupping Society – According to them, cupping therapy can also treat eczema, acne, anxiety, migraine, high blood pressure, depression, varicose veins, arthritis, anemia, fibromyalgia, and even bronchial congestions that are caused by asthma and allergies.
Types of Cupping – Technically, there are only a few types and techniques but more and more were developed and added.

  • Fire cupping comes from the very roots of Chinese tradition. Suction was made through lighting up a ball of cotton soaked in alcohol. At times, herbs and ointments used.
  • Another popular technique is wet cupping. This one dates back to Islamic history where it is widely called as “Hijama.” Technically, wet cuppingis a form of bloodletting or medicinal bleeding. Unlike the former, incisions are made through the skin, causing wounds using scalpel blades where it’s just enough to let the stagnant and toxic blood flow out of the skin. After this, antibiotics are provided, and wounds are well wrapped up in bandages to avoid any infection. Up to this day, wet cupping is still popular in the Muslim world.
  • A newly developed form of cupping has been created known as “Needle Cupping.” It’s an ingenious way of combining acupuncture and cupping at the same time. Before putting in the cup for suction, a needle is placed on specific body points. This would then remain inside the cup from three (3) to five (5) minutes. Another version of this is the “Wet Needle Cupping” where a specifically designed cup is used. This one is actually like a combination of the three. A needle is already placed inside the cup, put on the body like acupuncture and while the cup is well secure, blood is also sucked out of the wound that is punctured by the needle.

Phelps with cupping marks on his shoulderDespite the evident results and benefits of cupping, lots of us are still in doubt. Others would even suggest that alternative medicine is nothing but pseudoscience and placebo effect. It is up to your own judgment whether you believe that this is true or otherwise. What I am certain of is that none of us can entirely rule out the effects of cupping because only a few records or research are available.

New York Tours According to Your Interest

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As an individual, we all have particular preferences, and luckily, New York might just be the city for anyone because of its multi-faceted trait. This place offers more than what you could ask for, so if ever you’ve been thinking about treating yourself by indulging in your hobby; take a look at these special interests programs or the spots where you can enjoy them.


hotdog stands are common in NYC streetsAre you a foodie? Because I certainly am too. I mean, don’t we all love food? If you’re looking for a great culinary experience without needing to travel all over the world, New York should be your stop. Aside from the diverse community, the food culture goes the same way too because of the various influences that came from immigrants that have already settled in. They have haute cuisine restaurants, incredible pizzerias, and of course, street food stalls, which are part of the Go NY Tours bus tour attractions. In here you’d get to try bagels. Kebabs, falafels, and more! Just the sound of that makes me hungry already. You can even book for a particular tour that has an itinerary designed to take you all around the place as a way of letting you taste every dish and meal that you can find.


There are also lots of sports enthusiasts from all over the world who are willing to go and visit different places for special events or locations. In NY, they can visit famous venues such as the Yankee Stadium, Madison Square Garden, and Citi Field. If you want to join or witness an event, the New York City Marathon is something to watch out for.


Health is something that none of us should ignore. Then, there are others who also pay more attention to it than the usual for their own benefits and the enjoyment of it. If you want to do something good for your body, spirit, or mind- there are lots of options to choose from. In the city that never sleeps, you can enjoy yoga sessions, rejuvenating retreats, meditations, massage or therapy spas, and even tai chi classes. Unquestionably, it won’t matter if it’s a short or a long vacation for you as long as you get to pick the perfect activity that will give you the maximum holistic wellness.

home of the New York YankeesDance & Music

These two would almost always come together because nobody probably sings or hears a song without dancing and nobody dances without music. That’s why varieties of music and types of dances are evident in the city, and you can also find specific tours for most of them. You can choose rock and roll, jazz music, and even hip hop tours. Surely, you’d get to enjoy the city’s culture and history in this industry.


New York is also known for being one of the major film capitals in the world. Are you a fan of the TV show Friends? Or maybe you liked that movie entitled “Taxi Driver”? These two are some of the other famous media products filmed in the city. Through an early on an arrangement for a tour, you can visit the spots where the various popular scenes have been recorded.


If you’re environmentally conscious, there is no need to get your way out far from New York just to enjoy wonderfully green sceneries or spots with lots of species and animals that are well taken care of. You can start by visiting New York Botanical Garden, Central Park, Inwood Hill Nature Center, New York Aquarium, and Randall’s Island Salt Marsh & Freshwater Wetlands. I can assure you that there’s a whole lot more to choose from.