People Living Here

Notable People of Bemus Point

  • Retired, famous NHL (National Hockey League) player, Kevyn Adams
  • A writer of science fiction, Bill Baldwin
  • Notable local blogger, Jorn Barger
  • USSS (United States Secretary of State) died in Bemus Point, Bainbridge Colby

Demographics of Bemus Point

As of 2000 Census, Bemus Point only has 340 people, 95 residing families in the village with 170 households. Bemus Points has 309.1 / km sq. or 850/sq. mile population density. With 218 unit of houses, it has an average density of 198.2 / km sq. or 545/sq. mile. Bemus Point radical makeup was 97.65 percent of White American, 0.99 percent of Native American, 0.59 percent of Asian and 0.88 percent of other races, in which most are Latino and Hispanic.

Of 170 household, 18.8 percent of which had children whose age are under 18, 44.1 percent were the married couples that live together, 9.4 percent were single female householder and 44.1 percent were non-families. The 38.8 percent of entire households involve individuals and 24.7 percent of those are living alone whose ages are 65 years and older. The average size of household was 2 and average size of family was 2.65.

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In the entire population of the village, 17.6 percent are under the age of 18, 4.7 percent from ages 18 – 24, 23.5 percent from ages 25 – 44, 26.5 percent from ages 45 – 64, and 27.6 percent of ages 65 and above. 47 years was the median age, and for every one hundred females, there are only 85.8 males. And for every one hundred females under the age of 18, there are 79.5 count of males.

For every household in the village, the median income was $33,333, and for the family the median income was $46,250. The median income of males was $37,708 and for females, $25,625. Bemus Point per capita income was $19,943. 3.9 percent of the families and 7.6 percent of population are below the line of poverty, including a 10.8 percent of under the age of 18 and 9.5 percent of ages 65 and older.

In 2010 Census, Bemus Point has 364 people with an increased population count of 24 or 7.06 percent, and still 170 households in village. The 2010 population density of Bemus Point was 910 people / sq. mile or 330.9 per km sq. The village racial makeup was: 351 of White American or 96.43 percent of total population, 8 Asian people or 2.2 percent, and 5 people of other race or 1.38 percent.

Some History

History of Bemus Point

The place that is currently known as “Bemus Point” was first housed in 1806 by William Bemus. William Bemus purchased the entire land of Chautauqua Lake’s both side I 1805 from the Holland Land Company for 1.50 dollars. After purchasing the land, he moved with his family to the east shore of Chautauqua Lake on 9th of March 1806, whereas it is the area known today as Bemus Point. The entire family of William Bemus lived in a cabin log of approximately 500 – 600 ft. (150 – 200m) northeastern part of the today’s landing site of ferry. The descendants of William Bemus still live on the original property of the family along the north Lakeside Drive of Bemus Street.

The ferry that connects the Bemus Point to Stow was established by Thomas Bemus in 1811. The first sailing ferry was originally a raft built by himself, Thomas Bemus, and raft was needed to be poled across the lake in order to reach the other side which is Stow. Now, they are using a cable-drawn ferry that is operated by Sea Lion Project sailing the same route across the Chautauqua Lake. In 30th of October 1982, a nearby bridge was opened (now part of the 1 – 86), and the only way to cross the Lake was to take the Bemus-Stow ferry. The lake is closed during the winter months and the motorists have no choice but to travel southeast to James to or northwest to Mayville in order to reach Stow. Both route has a 31km (19 mile) round trip. The local residents of Bemus Point and Stow often purchase seasonal pass to be used on the ferry, travelling to Sherman, Lakewood and other west areas of Chautauqua Lake.

During the days of 1800s, Bemus point was known as a popular tourist destination, which had contributed to areas development and growth. In the 1900s, a dance hall was established known as “Casino”, in which nowadays, still runs under the same name. This dance hall became a well-known entertainment venue, particularly because of big band music. As of today, Bemus Point is still a famous tourist destination during summer-times, with a summer population large influx.

During summer, Bemus Point also host a concert known as “Bemus Bay Pops”, which features many of its local musicians and hosts “Chautauqua Lake Voices”, a singing competition similar to American Idol.

Bemus Point is a village that was incorporated in year 1911.

Welcome to Bemus Point, NY!

Bemus Point, New York

Bemus Point is a village located in Chautauqua County, NY, USA. The village can be seen in the eastern shore part of Chautauqua Lake within the Ellery town. In 2010 census, the population of Bemus Point is only 364. This village in New York is considered as the home of “Floating Stage”, with numerous of performers during summertime.

Geography of Bemus Point

The exact location of Bemus Point is 42.162886, -79.391230 (42°9′46″N 79°23′28″W / 42.16278°N 79.39111°W / 42.16278; -79.39111). It is located at the southwestern edge of Ellery town on eastern shore part of Lake Chautauqua. According to the USCB (United States Census Bureau), Bemus Point has a total land area of .44 sq. miles or 1.13 sq. km.

Community of Bemus Point

Bemus Point is known to home many restaurants including the popular See Zurh House, the Surf Club, the Italian Fishermen, and Village Casino. They also have amazing 9-hole wide golf course, basketball court, tennis court, free boat launch, park and small beach. The school district of Bemus Point, the Bemus Point School District had recently won the New York State Football Championship for the second time around. They are also the state defending 3-time champion in cross country of women years 2010, 2011 and 2012.